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Another distinct option to pick is whether to opt for the simple mounted dash cam which are connected with a suction cup mount or to opt for the replacement rear mirror alternative. The mounted video camera has the advantage of being easy to remove however it leaves unpleasant cup marks on your windscreen and can in some cases be susceptible to falling off. Specifically in changing weather conditions from hot to cold. The replacement rear mirror video cameras might be viewed as slightly more bulky but they have the advantage of being better fastened. Also they can offer additional features with the very high end ones having working Android features, touch screen and GPS sat nav integrateded.

Mentioning on their official internet site that At Swiftcover, we believe that drivers with dashcams will be more careful on the road and if they were unlucky enough to be involved in a car accident, they'd be able to send us video evidence to support their claim. That's why were happy to give a dashcam discount. So dash cameras are beginning to be endorsed by leading authorities in the UK but most likely the nation that has truly taken on board the concept of possessing one is Russia. Lots of Russians have decided upon possessing an in car camera mostly to secure themselves versus the rise in deceptive insurance scams.

Scam artist in Russia are so desperate they will literally throw themselves in front of moving vehicles. Lots of will willingly suffer busted bones in return for a lump sum pay off. However these kinds of scams aren't unique to Russia there are a range of deceiving plans that happen in the UK too.

And the authorities aren't the only body to have realised the potential of a nation of dashboard camera owning motorists. Lots of insurance firms have actually started to sit up and take notice. In fact leading insurance firm SwiftCover have actually ended up being the first mainstream insurance business to offer monetary incentives. They chose to offer a price cut of ten per cent to motorists who have a dashboard camera set up.

What an dvr can do is assist in the unpleasant insurance business afterwards. There is no need for a lengthy blame game where statements are skewed in the favour of each party. All there is is concrete evidence that shows to be indisputable ought the case go to court.

Video camera

dash cam s can also be set to tape-record all the time. Which makes them highly helpful for tape-recording bumps and scrapes when you're not at your car. With lots of mishaps happening in parking lots and with lots of wrongdoers driving away without leaving their details the dashboard camera serves you well here.

This initiative has been a success thus far resulting in the prosecution of a motorist who sped off through a junction on the wrong side of the roadway after a near miss. The event was caught by Steve Warren, of Staffordshire, who said: I sent the video to the police. Why should people risk your life and get away with it? And Leicestershire Cops agreed with him too, they utilized the tape-recorded video footage to prosecute the criminal.

This job of tackling such scams would be made a lot easier if every driver had a dash cam. Some of these fraudulent claims include cars struck at extremely low speeds or cars asserting several travelers where in fact just the driver is present. These kinds of cons could easily be gotten rid of with the assistance of dash camera footage. And if you're not incentivized enough to be quashing such devious schemes the Association of British Insurers approximate that this kind of fraud adds ₤ 90 a year to every driver's premium.

The additional security felt by these drivers is worth the expense of the device itself however there can be some serendipitous benefits that aren't as conspicuous. As an example capturing the inconsiderate road users who have their own rules of the road which are quite contrary to the highway code.

But the vital function of any dashboard camera is exactly what it can do for you as a motorist. Well for starters it's primary purpose is to tape-record accidents. We all know how horrifying a vehicle accident is, even ones where no person is severely harmed.

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