What are the Pros and Cons of Computer Generated Imagery (CGI)?

The Future of CGI Animation

what is cgi

The adjustment of this field of graphic design didn't develop over a very long period, but rather over a couple of decades. In fact, the fast development of computer processing power is generally what served as a propagandist for the outbreak of CGI animation.

For the Pros, Computer can make some roles play in the movie and these roles are not existing in the real world although it is carried out by some actors in the "backstage", for example, the apes in the Rise of the Planet of the Apes.

What's the Difference Between Traditional Animation and ...

The final step in the animation method, includes the computer rendering of the full scene. This includes the calculation of the color of the pixels in the scene, which determines the shading, texture mapping, reflection, refraction and photo-realistic rendering. This may sound simple, but given the millions of pixels in a high-definition scene, providing the realistic animal movements, skin, hair and fur, is still quite a complex task. Not to mention the problems areas of introducing features like liquids, gases and complex surfaces, like the texture of the face and the clothing.

The method to produce an animated character begins with a model. In contrast to 2D, the animator must now lift the image off the the paper, and begin to see it in a three dimensional space. A human model may be at first formed in clay, with all the details of texture and form. Then this model is duplicated by the animator with the 3D software tools. The work is not as straightforward as it sounds though. The animator still has to create the animated character or scene, either generally by hand drawing one image, or creating it from scratch with the computer. The main difference is instead of thousands of drawings, you can now use a handful which are duplicated with your software program. You can then employ the images to form the animation.

CGI animation requires costly instruments and applications. Since modern technology is ever upgrading, you have to keep pace with new improvements if you want to excel in CGI animation and CGI Effects.

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