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Water heating systems can collect sand rust and sludge. Old hot water boilers have parts that are eroded. Gas tankless water heating units offer high energy efficiency. The Smart Indirect Water Heating units are also both highly reliable and efficient.

Professional plumbing services can help you keep your hot or cold water temperature levels and energy costs under control. A certified and insured service professional will be able to answer all of your inquiries and make sure you have all the facts so you can make an informed decision. The following water heater tips will help you avoid unnecessary plumbing repairs.

Both use insulated steel storage tank jacket with insulation located between the storage tank and the tank jacket that works to reduce heat loss of the heated water.

Most electric water heating systems are on a 240-volt, 30-amp breaker. The electric water boiler thermostats are surface mounted, normally installed into a bracket which holds the element against the side of the tank.

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Perhaps the most telling sign that your water heater needs replacement is simply old age. Over time, several things can go wrong with water heating units. Most homeowners, however, don't maintain their water heating units at all. If the tank is over ten (10) years old, or if it is leaking, a new water tank is likely in your future.

Water heating systems are one of those plumbing utilities we rarely think about .

.. that is, until something goes wrong with it.

Tankless water heating systems may provide a more energy efficient- alternative than conventional storage water heating systems, precisely because they don't have a storage tank full of water to keep hot, rather they provide hot water instantaneously. Natural gas water heating units are now available that are as much as 74 % efficient, compared to as low as 49 % for old units. Sudden lukewarm and cold water coming right out from your faucet are indications of an old unit.

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