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Perhaps the fact is, we should see the feeling of gratitude as another precondition to starting the process of deliberate reality creation. All things considered, you you must be able to uninhibitedly receive the circumstances, events and experiences the divine creates for to you. The Universe is not emotional and won't produce anything unless the prerequisites that apply to any or all Laws of Manifestation are met. Opening to receive the things the universe is willing to produce for you means your belief is resolute and strong, so that miracles may begin to occur. I invite you to consider the possibility that the most frequent explanation why creation does not operate as expected is because men and women do not really feel they are good enough to receive.

Rhonda Byrne knows the secrets!

In my opinion, should manifestation not be working, it is down to problems which may occur when a person is "operating" from a limiting mindset which messes things up and prevents them from believing in the power of attraction as a very easy way to link to the divine. The difficulties involved can be made clearer when you consider a common want: to acquire financial abundance.

Fact is, the spiritual part of your mind which is capable of manifestation needs something that you could call an operating system or program similar to your desktop; your creative power has no capacity to do anything without a simple program. To make it clear, your operating instructions are generally your aim. If you can't identify this, nothing of any value is likely to can be expected to change - indeed, you may find that you run the same programs for the rest of your life!.

The next really important component of co-creation, in spiritual harmony with the universe is the grace to receive.

Despite the efforts of many people to destroy belief in manifestation, millions of men and women still continue to use everything we possess that makes us into spiritual beings.

It seems that everyone's mind seems to work better with a program similar to a tablet; your primal manifestation power needs a comprehensive program. In conscious creation, your program guidelines are often your favored aim. Lacking this, nothing very impressive is able to become manifest in physical reality.

Understandably the great majority of people look for more explanation. A fundamental concept behind the Law of Attraction. No idea what I mean? To put it simply, enery and all kinds of matter are one and the same in underlying form. We now know that atoms and energy are, at the point of creation, unreliable as a guide to our world's form. Only those of limited vision could refuse to accept the data, which shows that our conscious minds can probably alter the reality of the form in which energy is manifested around us.

Naturally a lot of us expect more understanding. Our basic foundation for conscious creation? I refer, of course, to the equivalence of energy and matter. Quantum physics shows us that physical matter and electromagnetic energy are, undoubtedly, somewhat similar. Though some would argue, this probably indicates our brains' energies can - remarkably enough - alter the places and people in our world.

Many individuals begin with the goal of generating financial riches. After some time picturing their bank filled with money, they stop because nothing has happened. There is a very easy method which you can do to analyze the strength of your belief. What if, you desired to reach enough money to retire on? Whether or not you think that is possible depends on a number of factors. For lots of people, the sticking point is how this could happen. And that, as you can perhaps appreciate that is a basic problem in manifestation. However, when you move beyond that, it's easy to think you could acquire this degree of wealth without presently understanding the way that it's to be attained.

Sometimes people want to know it works. But I can only say, how this natural emotion may adapt hard physical reality is linked to the interchange of matter and energy. Essentially, why should we seek to know?

Understandably most people would like more explanation. Sufficient explanation in the most profound concept. To be exact - that matter and energy are the same thing. Recent work in particle physics reveals electromagnetic energy and physical matter are, really, indistinguishable. Most of those who know about esoteric matters agree our subconscious thoughts can subtly amend what happens to both the tangible and the intangible reality around us.

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