Freddie and Sebbie Launches Auto Baby Mirror On Amazon

2 cars were involved in a head-on accident last Sunday which resulted in the death of a young mom, according to Lakeland police spokeswoman Ann Dinges, who had actually been informed of the incident by the Lakeland Regional Medical Center.

Freddie and Sebbie Backseat Baby Mirror

Neil Speight explained how he crossed that bridge by utilizing a back seat mirror, meaning he could in fact leave his twin infants rear facing up till they end up being 3. He stated... "First, I'm pleased to announce that we can finally facilitate our newest item to all Amazon consumers, called the auto baby mirror, and particularly designed for concerned parents unable to see their baby sat in the back of the auto. I already have got one set up in the back of my automobile, making it so reassuring to constantly have the ability to see my baby twins Freddie and Sebbie, who are still both seated in rear-facing safety seats."

The accessory has actually currently received 254 Amazon validated customer evaluations, with 215 being optimum ratings, providing the infant mirror a mean average 4.8 star rating. Freddie and Sebbie main spokesperson, Mr Neil Speight, says that they were extremely pleased with all the feedback offered by customers. He added... "We had actually clearly seen an opening in the market for a luxury backseat infant mirror, and are so grateful to our manufacturing team for permitting us to supply moms and dads having a baby sat rear-faced in a safety seat, with the ideal option to put their minds at ease while driving."

According to the police representative, Patel was turning a left-hand curve in his 2003 Toyota minivan in a westbound direction, when his car suddenly crossed into the eastbound lane, which resulted in a head-on collision with a 2011 Ford Focus. Authorities state that no charges have been submitted, though detectives are still investigating the tragic incident.

He also said that the auto baby mirror was really very simple to install, was 100 % shatter proof, and that it would also fit most of seat headrests. His final comment was... "We are actually looking forward to getting our first Amazon customer comments for the auto baby mirror, and should anyone encounter an issue with the product, our company is very distinct in offering a life time service warranty."

Another 5 star product evaluation by Manila128 likewise validates that it's an outstanding accessory, easy to set up, which even stays on throughout rough rides. She says... "I have actually even sat in the backseat with infant while my spouse drove and have struck the mirror, which was above me, and it still doesn't come off! Clear reflection (doesn't warp like on cheap mirrors) and broad angle so I can really see everything. We have a sedan and we attached the mirror on the seat right behind the motorist's seat, simply since it offered us the best view. Even our child delights in faced at the driver through her mirror, which is excellent when there is only one of us present in the automobile."

Child Seat Safety

Although infants are suggested by safety commissions to be seated rear-facing up until they are 3 years old, the present US laws only make it required up until the age of twelve months. Numerous moms and dads are faced with the problem of understanding when to turn their baby into a forward seated position, especially as they feel more comfortable when able to physically see their babies in the driver's mirror.

Mr Speight discussed how US car seat policies did really help to save lives, saying... "American policies for vehicle safety seats make parents to position babies in a rear facing position up until they reach their very first birthday, so why must that be any different in an Ambulance. A lot of moms and dads do in fact keep their infants rear facing up till their 3rd birthday. Other moms and dads don't, but probably should. I 'd say to them that by placing a rear seat mirror on the rear headrest, a best view of infants is achieved by simply looking through the motorist's mirror. Essentially with that little issue dealt with, all moms and dads should not actually have a reason not to keep their youngsters rear facing til they reach most safety seat producer's recommendation of 3 years of age."

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