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In another 5 star evaluation, another Amazon validated consumer states... "I have a smaller vehicle, and picked these Freddie and Sebbie kick protectors since the measurements matched those of my seats more closely than others. Fit is very good, and the mat is flush with the contour of the seat. Up until now they have actually withstood continual wear of kids, and have stayed in place without any adjustment needed. I would recommend these seat protectors." Another client states they fit on a Toyota RAV4 2010, while additionally commenting on how well they handle the kids, stating... "Together with restricted middle seat spacing and auto seats, the kid's feet touch the front seats. These mats however are terrific to secure your rear front seats from dirt, mud, etc. Definitely works well!"

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After a complete 2 years trading solely on, the Freddie and Sebbie car kick mat seat protectors have received over 1000 confirmed customer reviews, with moms and dads providing their full backing for just how efficient they are at keeping car seat backs free from awful discolorations and scuff marks.

There are a host of positive reviews readily available on Amazon that can help consumers in learning more about the functions of the Freddie and Sebbie kick mats and numerous benefits of this accessory. The Freddie and Sebbie Car Seat Protector Kick Mats are offered in packs of 2, helping to protect both the driver and passenger seats. For more information about this item or to place an order at the savings cost presently available, visit the exclusive Freddie and Sebbie Amazon storefront.

Freddie and Sebbie released their Car Kick Mats on just 2 years ago, with a guarantee to offer the supreme protection for car seats from spots and scuff-marks left by children's dirty shoes. The auto-protective seat cover kick mats come with a life time guarantee and are currently offered at discounted rates in celebration of a successful 2 years trading exclusively on

Andrea Pfeifer, mom of toddlers, described her item experience by saying: "My husband was sick of continuously cleaning the back of the car seats, but with 2 children under 5, it's difficult to keep the constant foot and scuff marks off them. This item saved us a lot of irritation. Works well and easy to set up. Kids don't see a difference and still kick away but now it's the mat and not our vehicle!"

Freddie and Sebbie main representative, Neil Speight, stated in a current online press conference: "We are extremely pleased with the favorable feedback our Kick Mats have actually been receiving from Amazon clients. As dads and vehicle owners ourselves, we understand how challenging it is to keep car seats neat and clean with kids around, so we developed a solution that would keep dads and moms worry-free, without having to limit a kid's movements too much when inside the car."

Nevada based accessory brand Freddie and Sebbie has been selling solely on for just over two years now, offering 20 different products across their childcare and household accessory range. When asked what makes this young brand stand apart from the crowd, primary company spokesperson Neil Speight stated, "I believe it's because client feedback is so important to us. We invest a great deal of time dealing with item testers and analyzing product ratings to see precisely how we can make our products better. We are constantly shocked at the amount of feedback we get that compliments our customer care though, and I think this really reflects us as a company. We just do everything we possibly can for our customers, and it's excellent when they share their positive experiences with the rest of the world!"

More information about the entire Freddie and Sebbie range is offered to view either on their official shop, or on their site,

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According to Freddie and Sebbie co-director, Neil Speight, any parents with children frequently find it aggravating when they go to unbuckle their charming child from their car seat to find dirt, discolorations, and scuffs on the back of their lovely car seats. While discussing their best selling product on, Neil added: "Not so adorable then, but kids are kids and it can't be helped, but a fantastic way to proactively avoid these issues from occurring is to fit kick mats on the seat backs, therefore alleviating moms and dads of having to continuously clean or scrub out scuff marks or dirt left by the kids."

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