Extreme Sports, A Way of Life

Whitewater kayaking is an awesome adventure sport that is constantly growing in popularity. Learning to maneuver, roll, and right a kayak can be a bit tricky, but seasoned professional can help a novice learn all he or she needs to know to have a great on-the-water adventure. The draw of this sport is that the adventurer us pitted against none other than Mother Nature herself. Kayaks have become much lighter, easier to maneuver, and now have a host more features than ever in the past. This is an activity not for the faint of heart, but an adventurer could find a lifelong hobby by learning to whitewater kayak.


Downhill Mountain Skiing is an adrenaline pumping winter sport that many people enjoy. Skis can be bought, or often times can also be rented from a ski resort or ski shop. While skiing has been around for a very long time, the equipment used by adventure sport enthusiasts are a far removed from the skis, boots, and bindings of old. The sport of skiing itself has morphed into several varieties of skiing. There is Alpine skiing, where a skier slaloms through gates, ski jumping, and half pipe skiing, which has become very popular X Games sport.

Kiteboarding, or kite surfing, and be magnificent to watch, and an even bigger thrill to participate in. It is definitely an adventure sport and has a deep attraction for many who love spending time on the water. An adventurer may cruise around a lake on his or her board just to enjoy the day, or he or she may be entered in a sporting event where a certain course has been constructed for participants. Speed kiteboarding is also popular for many. As with all other races, the fastest contestant wins. It can be a tricky sport to learn, but can also be an awesome way to spend a summer day on many lakes.

Helicopter skiing, or Heliskiing, is for the most extreme snow adventurers. This particular sport is best learned from a reputable, professional heliskiier. While traditional skiing involves the use of a ski lift to reach the top of a run, Heliskiing uses a helicopter. Skiers are brought to the top of a hill or mountain via helicopter, and dropped there to run down the hill. This particular sport is marked by the use of off-trail routes to the bottom of the mountain. Many are drawn by the allure of the fresh, undisturbed powder. Skiing an area untouched by other people is a huge rush for many who are brought in by the appeal of the dangerous conditions.

Adventure Sports provide an Adrenaline rush like no other

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