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With a dashboard cam you can tape-record those drivers who conclude a one way system does not apply to them. Or those busy bees who are so keen to overtake that double solid white lines don't bother them in the slightest. And having footage of those drivers who in some way haven't heard of a hands-free- kits as they recklessly steer with a phone stuck to their ear.

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Some dashboard cameras might include a G Shock sensor which records when a considerable shock happens and this video footage will not be written over on the SD card. A lot of excellent in car cams will certainly have a loop record feature meaning that when the SD card reaches capacity it will tape over the oldest video footage. digital vehicle recorders with GPS recording will show the course taken by the motorist and record the location of any event. They can also note the speed of the vehicle so you can prove irrefutably that any incidents were not your fault.

Of course the dash camera can be there to tape-record the better elements of driving too. Possibly you wish to show your pals the beautiful picturesque route you drove. To help with preparing the best picnic one fine bright Sunday. Or maybe you were driving behind David Beckham's Bentley and you can not wait to show to your mates.

Scammers in Russia are so desperate they will actually throw themselves in front of moving automobiles. Numerous will voluntarily suffer busted bones in return for a lump sum pay off. However these kinds of frauds aren't unique to Russia there are a range of deceiving schemes that occur in the UK too.

There are a large range of functions available on dashboard cams and there are numerous various setups. Some dash cams run with a single lens set up tape-recording directly in front of the vehicle. While other a little more costly ones offer both front and rear recording. The added rear video camera can be helpful for shunts from behind but it also can be utilized to assist with reverse parking.

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