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Freddie and Sebbie, a company renowned for offering infant items and accessories that assist in making the lives of moms and dads much easier, has actually recently announced that they are commemorating the very first anniversary of their baby-friendly, bath time educational toy, the Bath Letters and Numbers Bath Toys by Freddie and Sebbie. "We are pleased to announce the very first anniversary for our only educational toy for babies," official representative and co-creator Neil Speight announced. "Solely sold on the Amazon Marketplace, the bath letters device has clocked up nearly 200 client reviews within the very 1st year of trading."

Neil added: "The accessory has been created to perfection, following the highest quality and security standards. Moreover, these vibrant foam alphabets make a child's bath time more enjoyable and relaxing with the added advantages of imaginative learning. A kid can learn how to spell, learn how to count and can identify different colors in a fun-filled, enjoyable and trouble-free environment. The accessory is recommended for kids of 3 years and above."

The representative for Freddie and Sebbie revealed that the product is now available on Amazon with a considerable discount rate of approximately 40 %, with free shipping applying for any order over $35. He included: "The product includes a quality replacement guarantee, and is additionally backed by the Amazon 30-day free return policy" According to the representative, the luxurious foam bath toys are the ideal investment for parents who concentrate more on their child's cognitive development from an early age. He additionally stated that the product motivated kids to learn in a playful way, helping to engage children in a fun-packed activity, while permitting them to start recognizing letters and numbers.

According to Neil, the Bath Letters by Freddie and Sebbie have actually been drawing a large amount of interest from clients around the world since it was released on Amazon last year. He added: "The product has been highly valued by our clients, many of whom have actually left positive consumer feedback about the product on Amazon. In order to discover more about the product, its features and benefits, or simply to check out some of the favorable reviews, practically everything about the Freddie and Sebbie bath letters can be discovered inside the Amazon store."

He continued by saying that our discovering ability does last throughout our lifetime, so absolutely nothing like a window of opportunity being shut on a child's fifth birthday. He said... "The thing is we don't learn everything too at all ages, as brain circuitry is harder to alter as we age, so it truly is best to obtain it ideal very first time round, when the brain is able to reinforce weak connections, providing the best possibility for success in life.

The Car Seat Protector by Freddie and Sebbie is another item highly applauded by Amazon clients. Getting an average of 4.5 stars from 270 consumer ratings, their Car Seat Protector mat will help keep car seats without scuffs, stains, scratches and spills while kids are sitting in their safety seats. The Bath Letters item, like all Freddie and Sebbie products, has a no-hassle free life time replacement warranty.

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With absolutely nothing unfavorable to state about the item, Gina LaKour writes... "We bought the bath numbers and letters on Amazon, and I would highly recommend this item with no doubt whatsoever. I have a two year old myself, and she really enjoys her bath time playing and finding out with the numbers and letters. They stick well to the wall and offer much entertainment, making bath time fun at our place. Bag that numbers and letters are held in is nice too, and in fact big enough to hold some other bath toys also."

Today though, a growing amount of analysts say that momentum is being seen for video games to become legitimate learning tools, after discovering that video games do really encourage hands-on education, important thinking and collaboration, along with assisting to encourage kids and young people to explore and develop their literacy skills. This has actually resulted in the use of computer games being added to today's Australian curriculum, due to the fact that it is now recognized as a very efficient method to engage students in college.

Seattle Times education columnist John Higgins recently shared some terrific understanding into exactly what researchers have actually found at the University of Washington after UW analysts took a peek inside the brain of a 10-year-old girl. The experiment involved the young girl lying flat on her back inside a device which looked something like a big doughnut. While individual letters were presented on a video screen and read out, the 10 year-old jotted down the letter that followed in the alphabet, throughout which time a scanner recorded pictures of her neural tissue. Meanwhile UW analysts Virginia Berninger and radiologist Todd Richards studied the outcomes on a PC screen.

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